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360 Feedback Programs in Organizations

Each year SurveyConnect collects and reports out on the objectives and uses of 360-degree feedback processes in organizations. We have opened up the survey for 2016.  If you (or any of your colleagues) would like to help with the research, please go to: https://www.activesurvey.net/78activeview/login/login.cfm?sv=11 Selected results from 2015: When asked “What is the primary purpose of

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The Change in 360 Feedback Content

We help many of our clients with the design of their 360-degree instruments. Over the past few years, I’ve seen a big shift in what clients believe to be the most important competencies to ask about. In the past, the list of competencies usually covered: • Communication • Decision-Making • Efficiency/Productivity • Leadership • Managing

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Who Should View an Individual 360 Report?

  Our clients ask us who should view a participant’s 360 report – the participant?  their manager?  the coach/HR/workshop facilitator? There are many ways to answer this question, but one suggestion I have been making recently is that only the participant sees their full report.  “Really?” you ask?

360 Feedback Benchmarks by Competencies

360 Feedback Benchmarks by Compentencies 360 Feedback Benchmarks by Competencies I have been interested in understanding if there is some consistency in the 360 feedback ratings amongst all of our customers who deploy 360 assessments.  Since each of our customers designs their own assessments, the questions from one organization to another are always different.  There

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360 Assessments: Reviewing Open-Ended Responses

360 Assessments: Reviewing Comments Every once in a while, clients ask: Can we review the open-ended responses in case we feel that some are inappropriate and need to be deleted? My response is that in our years of deploying assessments, we have never had to delete inappropriate comments. Amazing, right?

Considerations for Rating Changes

Considerations for Rating Changes Clients ask me how often should 360s be done on a person. I think the best answer is somewhere between 12 – 18 months.  This gives enough time for the participant (the person being rated) to figure out their action plan, make behavioral changes, and have the people they work with

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Performance Review Story on NPR

Performance Review Story on NPR On my way to work on Tuesday, I listened to an interesting NPR segment on Performance Reviews (and how they aren’t working for many organizations).   With so many companies entrenched in continuing the performance review process, we believe that the performance review can focus on goal setting and attainment, while

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360 Feedback Programs in Organizations – 2014

360 Feedback Programs in Organizations Each summer, SurveyConnect sends out a survey to our clients, business associates, and LinkedIn connections to gather information that we think would be of interest to these groups (and ourselves).  In previous years, we have built a business reading list and collected data about what competencies are most important to

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Competency Benchmark Survey Results

When we work with clients on their 360s and employee surveys, we typically discuss how to collect feedback on the competencies that will help their organization grow and succeed. Over time, we have gathered a lot of anecdotal information on common competencies that cross organization lines.  It seems that no matter what industry you are

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Introduction to a 360-Degree Report

Once someone has gone through the 360 degree feedback process, it is helpful for them to have an introduction on how to review their report.  There are some general concepts that we can share that work with all types of assessment objectives, competencies, questions, and response scales.