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We all need people who will give us feedback. That's how we improve. - Bill Gates

SurveyConnect Annual Research Survey

360 Feedback Programs in Organizations 2018 Results

Each year SurveyConnect collects and reports out on data that we hope is useful to our clients and friends. In 2018, as in previous years, we decided to focus our questions on the 360 process – how many employees are asked to participate and why, as well as what happens with the data once it is collected. In this way, we can understand the objectives and uses of the 360-degree feedback process at this point in time, and see how answers have changed over past years. 80 people responded to the questionnaire this year; 34% of these respondents are external consultants and 66% are in-house employees.

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ActiveView 360 Features

  • Access expert guidance
  • Use our questions or your own
  • Brand the site with your logo
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  • Create real-time progress reports
  • Use our intuitive user interface
  • Deploy on your mobile device
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  • Generate flexible, easy-to-understand reports
  • Save reports in multiple formats
  • Understand how to de-brief reports
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The ActiveView 360 Process

  • You design the 360 degree assessment. We can supply you with many sample questions and competencies if requested
  • You review and edit the default introductory and email texts
  • We discuss configurable parameters on the site - you decide what is best for your deployment
  • Participants and raters are entered into the system
  • You proof the site
  • The site is ready to go live!

ActiveView 360: The Perfect Tool for Consultants

Perfect Tool
  • Your own site with your branding, assessments, email notifications, and site text
  • 24/7 administrative access to your site to monitor progress
  • Simple interface to manage multiple deployments for multiple clients
  • Custom solutions to more complex deployments if needed


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