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360 Feedback Benchmarks by Competencies

By: Marcie Levine
Published: 4/23/2015

360 Feedback Benchmarks by Compentencies
360 Feedback Benchmarks by Competencies I have been interested in understanding if there is some consistency in the 360 feedback ratings amongst all of our customers who deploy 360 assessments.  Since each of our customers designs their own assessments, the questions from one organization to another are always different.  There are, however, some common competencies that many assessments have in common. I selected 168 questions used in various 360s, and rolled them into 20 competencies/categories (listed below):

I have completed some normative analysis for these categories.  There are approximately  3,500 participants (people being rated), and about 30,000 ratings for those 3,500 participants included in this analysis.  Included in this data are both private and public organizations, large and small companies, and companies in many different industries.  All averages are based upon a 5-point scale, with 5 being rated highly.

Topic Average
Accountability 4.18
Change 4.19
Collaboration 4.21
Communication 4.10
Continuous Improvement 4.15
Customer Focus 4.26
Decision-Making 4.15
Goal-Setting 4.05
Innovation 4.18
Integrity 4.49
Knowledge 4.14
Managing People 4.02
Measurement 4.13
Problem-Solving 4.15
Resilience 4.28
Results 4.18
Risk-Taking 4.04
Urgency 4.16
Vision/Strategy 3.97
Conflict Management 3.97

Note: Although there is a system of data analysis behind the outcome, please do not think of this as a rigorous scientific experiment, but some trend analysis.  And please remember that these are ratings for participants and not the importance level of each category.

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