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Update on SurveyConnect Technology

By: Marcie Levine
Published: 6/6/2011

Over the past 12 – 15 months, SurveyConnect has been very busy.  Of course, our first priority is always our customers, but to serve our customers we have also upgraded our technology in a big way!

For those of you who have known us for a long time, you might remember that we started SurveyConnect with one product – Survey Select Expert.  We then added and expanded our capability to build and deploy very custom surveys.  Over the past six years or so we have been focused on these custom surveys and our 360 degree assessment software, ActiveView 360.


We now have an addition to our product suite that we are very proud of — ActiveView Express.  We have had a lot of questions about how this product is similar (or different) from Survey Select Expert.  So for those of you who know our older product, here is a comparison; for those of you who never knew about Survey Select Expert, and may have a need for online survey software, please read on…

The Newer Cooler Stuff:
ActiveView Express: This is our new hosted survey site.  You provide us with your survey instrument, and we load it into the system.  We can provide you with sample questions if requested. You can:

  • have us upload pre-filled demographic data (e.g., location, department),
  • track completion rates real-time;,
  • send notifications and reminders from the system (if you have respondent emails),
  • have administrative access 24/7,
  • export the raw data at any time,
  • run online, real-time reports, and
  • save reports as PDF or Word documents.

Other stakeholders can view a subset of the reports online (permission-driven).  This is very cool software with lots of configurability!

The Old Stuff:
Survey Select Expert: This is desktop software that a survey administrator can download onto a workstation.  The survey can be entered by your in-house administrator; skipping logic is available.  The survey can then be posted onto your web server.  You collect the data, and then import it from your web server back into the software whenever you like.  We have charts and graphs that can be generated from the software.  In addition, the raw data can easily be exported into Excel.  This is older software that we are not updating, but we are still supporting customers who use it.

Function Survey Select Expert ActiveView Express
Ability to brand site check check
Enter your own survey to the software check
Unlimited number of questions check check
Multiple response scales check check
Require questions check check
Save and return feature check
Respondents can remain anonymous check check
Can track respondents check
Send notifications and reminders from the system check
Ability to upload pre-filled demographic information that will append the raw data check
Generate charts and graphs check check
Standard reports available check check
Create customized reports check
Save reports to Word check check
Save reports to PDF check
24/7 administrative access check
Real-time progress availability check
Export raw data to Excel check check
Data is collected on your server check
Third party anonymity – data is collected on a SurveyConnect server check

Please let us know if you have any questions on any of our products.

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